DOWNLOAD Reading Train School

DOWNLOAD Reading Train School

DOWNLOAD The Reading Train

DOWNLOAD The Reading Train

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DOWNLOAD Reading Train Alphabet


Award winning teacher Libby Curran presents a dynamic new way to learn to read.

Reading Train apps are designed to take beginning readers from pre-reading to reading independence.

Reading Train apps flip the outdated "skills first" approach: Beginning readers develop foundational reading and vocabulary skills and build their self confidence while reading real books and exploring big ideas.


Privacy Policy

We take the privacy of children very seriously, especially as teachers and parents ourselves. 
Please find full details below on what our apps do and do not include. 

Learning Station apps:

  1. Do NOT collect, access or transmit any personal information.

  2. Do NOT contain any third party advertising.

  3. DO include a locked parent area which includes links for emailing our support team and links to our website, Facebook page and to the app store.

  4. DO ask for access to the microphone in order to allow you to record the books. You can turn this option off in Settings.

  5. DO collect anonymous analytics and crash report data. This includes: which options are used, when are games ended, etc. We use this data to help make our apps more user friendly and fun.

  6. PAID apps do NOT contain any in-app purchases.

  7. FREE apps DO contain in-app purchases which are protected by the parental gate.

Please contact us at with any questions.

Last update to Privacy Policy: December 11, 2014